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Revolutionary SOS Platform for Schools!

Connecting schools in real-time with Law Enforcement in case of an emergency.

  1. User-friendly simple interface enables users to quickly initiate emergency video notifications 
  2. The system enables two-way video notifications, allowing individuals to report incidents or request assistance instantly
  3. Provides live location tracking to emergency response teams, enabling better coordination and resource allocation
  4. By leveraging technology CyttaCARES empowers educational institutions to proactively address emergencies, mitigate risks, and safeguard their community effectively
  5. Instantly share any files including photo and video and location


CYTTACARES (Crisis Alert and Response Emergency System) is an innovative SOS solution designed to enhance safety and security in educational institutions especially during emergency situations.

This comprehensive system provides real-time alerts, rapid two-way secure video communication, and efficient response coordination with a live location tracking to emergency response teams.

Provides an instant layer of safety and security in all school environments.

CYTTACARES brings together four core capabilities to enhance response time and real-time communication between school staff and law enforcement.


Instantly sends SOS emergency video/voice notification connecting first responders to school staff.


Instant two-way secure video/voice calls for immediate first responder situational awareness.


Full secure texting/chat/media capability among all parties with end-to-end, double socket layer encryption.


Automatically tracks all user locations and displays their icons on an interactive map in emergencies.

CYTTACARES gives us hope!

It connects us in real-time when every second counts. For more information please contact us at(740) 298-8287 or Toll Free: 877 CYTTA US or or click the button below to schedule a demo.